Nikkei Legacy Project

Gathering Oral Histories

Nikkei Place Foundation recently received a generous New Horizons for Seniors grant for the Nikkei Legacy Project. We are happy to share with you a little more detail about this upcoming initiative. 

The goal of this project is to gather oral histories from founding leaders of Nikkei Place, in order to create a record of understanding surrounding the challenges and successes of creating a culturally specific campus like Nikkei Place. 

We will be interviewing founding leaders, and compiling personal historical accounts of the community efforts made by our Japanese Canadian elders. Individuals will be asked to recount the challenges and successes in the early days of establishing Nikkei Place, as well as its commitment to senior care.

From these interviews, we will draw out the distinctive strengths of the programming and senior care found at Nikkei Place. We will document these best practices so that other ethnically or culturally specific societies and communities can learn and adapt from our experiences, and establish their own unique programming and senior care that addresses the needs of their communities. 

Stay tuned for more updates!