Other Funds you can designate your donation towards

Donations can be designated to specific funds (listed below). When making your donation to a fund, please ensure you make a memo of the fund on your donation form or cheque.

Nikkei Place Endowment Fund
Contributions made to this fund will help ensure the vibrant programs, services, events and operational costs of Nikkei Place are always met.

If we can reach our goal of $10,000,000, the annual interest generated could enable us to connect and enrich the lives of our vast community — from children and families to seniors alike — for generations to come.

Nikkei Place Maintenance Enhancement Fund
This fund was established in 2015 through a generous gift of bonds from Henry Wakabayashi and his family. Contributions made to this fund are dedicated to the ongoing preservation of the facilities at Nikkei Place.

Renovations made possible by this fund have included carpet replacement throughout Nikkei Centre and renovation of their downstairs washroom.